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CAT Partners with BCIT to offer Degree Pathway Programs


CAT is pleased to announce that a partnership has been solidified between Centre for Arts and Technology and the British Columbia Institute of Technology that will mean new opportunities for past and future CAT students. A Pathway Program has been finalized between CAT and BCIT that will allow for CAT students to continue their studies at BCIT in a targeted area of study. A Pathway Program allows for the transfer of credits and/or elevated entrance into certain programs between two participating post-secondary institutions.

CAT has partnered with the BCIT School of Business to create the CAT-BCIT Pathway. CAT Students graduating from one of a selected list of eligible programs within the last five years will be able to earn a BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma and a Bachelor of Business Administration – areas that will further enhance CAT’s creatively-focused education offerings. As artistically inclined students, there is always room for further skill development, particularly in the areas of business management. CAT students wishing to pursue the BMA or BBA will find that the development of these skills will greatly improve appeal to future employers and give them a leg up on the competition. Industry partners are searching for well-rounded team members with not only solid artistic skills but sharp business acumen as well. The digital arts industries; animation, graphic design etc. are becoming increasingly popular in industries and additional certifications and knowledge will benefit the student during the transition from graduate to an employee.

Future Graduates and Graduates within the last 5 years from the following list of CAT programs will be eligible for the CAT-BCIT Pathway:

The BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma is designed for students holding non-business diplomas, and degrees, and introduces students to vital business topics such as management accounting, economics, marketing, human resource management, and more. Lectures, discussions, and case studies will be the vehicles of instruction in this well-rounded program, producing disciplined and professional business management graduates. The Bachelor of Business Administration will further build upon diploma concepts and will enhance the skillset and career preparedness of its graduates, as they graduate with a BBA.

In addition to the benefits, CAT predicts for its domestic students, we forecast a tremendous benefit for our international students as well. After completion of a CAT program, international students may also take advantage of the Pathway Program, but with one large added benefit; a post-graduate work permit. This new pathway will encourage international students interested in studying in one of the CAT program areas above, to enroll then continue on at BCIT in either program to garner a post-graduate work permit.

We look forward to continuing to foster our relationship with BCIT and seeing CAT students take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Further details can be found on CAT’s Pathway Page or on BCIT’s Pathway Page and questions can be directed to

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