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Coffee and Cartoons – Animators Get Together To Chat Cartoons over A Cuppa Joe


As the animation and visual effects industries continue to grow in British Columbia, animators and other creative types are seeking out new ways to connect with each other, find employment opportunities and feel the pulse of the industry as a whole. Groups, networks, discussions and coffee shop series are popping up all over, and Kelowna is no exception. Home to several animation studios, Kelowna has solidified itself as an important branch of the provincial animation tree. The Kelowna animation culture is a unique one; live in one of the best cities in Western Canada and work in one of the largest growing creative industries? Yes please! Each local studio along with the animators themselves are contributing to the overall animation culture present in Kelowna, and this is especially true of local animation fixture Anne Denman. Anne is spearheading an initiative to bring the Okanagan into the forefront of the international animation scene, developing an International Animation Festival right here in Kelowna!

In support of the festival and the animation industry as a whole, Anne has put in place several other events to further bolster involvement in the local creative scene. One of the newer events that just celebrated its inaugural date is Coffee and Cartoons. Sponsored by Centre for Arts and Technology along with a slew of other awesome local businesses, these casual, caffeinated events are a chance for up and coming animators to chat with the movers and shakers of the animation industry.

The first in a series of these gatherings, Coffee and Cartoons in February saw a dozen eager animators meet upstairs at the downtown Bean Scene location to listen as Yeti Farm Creative founder Todd Ramsay, spoke about the ins and outs of getting your first job in the animation industry, speaking to employers, how to present yourself and a few other inside stories. Todd shared his own personal stories from the production line of Yeti Farm Creative and answered questions. Do they play video games at work? Sometimes. Do they have movie nights for staff? They sure do! Do they work insanely hard? You bet they do! You can definitely see and feel the passion that Todd has for this industry and his creative counterparts; it comes across as genuine and honest.

Stay tuned for blog posts in the future as new dates for Coffee and Cartoons are announced!

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