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First Annual League of Legends Wrap-up Blog


The idea to host an online gaming tournament weekend originally came from the IT department at Centre for Arts and Technology. They suggested it as a way to engage a whole new audience and bolster our presence in the local community. After much deliberation, League of Legends was selected as the online game of choice for Centre for Arts and Technology’s first foray into the world of online gaming tournaments. So, after contacting the company behind League of Legends; Riot Games, the planning began.

Right out of the gate, we knew we wanted to offer some amazing prizes.  So what does every gamer need and want these days? A PlayStation 4 gaming console!! And so, with the top prize selected, the planning began; rooms were booked, registrations came flooding in, and we started putting all the pieces together to make this a truly memorable event. In addition to the Playstation as top prize, we had secured some awesome prizes for all the top teams. Thanks to Riot Games for donating Riot Points for the all players in the top four teams, and to WTFast for donating two gaming keys for our runners up on the top team to play on their private gaming network.

Team Prizes:

1st Place Winning Team: 3200 RP and Triumphant Ryze skin for every player

2nd Place: 2400 RP per player

3rd Place: 1600 RP per player

4th Place: 800 RP per player

Top Team Player Prizes:

1st Place: PlayStation 4

2nd Place: WTFast Gaming Key

3rd Place: WTFast Gaming Key

Centre for Arts and Technology hosted the tournament on campus, which allowed the players the option to bring their own laptop or use one of the school’s many PCs, conveniently pre-loaded with League of Legends! The first night of play was on Friday, August 23rd and had all teams competing in a round robin in order to proceed to the second night of playoffs held on Saturday, August 24th. As teams were eliminated they were invited to stick around and watch the remaining matches on large screen in the lecture theatre, while enjoying the provided pizza and drinks.

After all of the battle rounds had finished it was on to the finals to declare a winning team.  “Your Excuses” and “Balance Gaming” chose their home bases and began to plan their tactical advantages. It was a great battle, but in the end only one team could be victorious, and “Your Excuses” was crowned champion!

Below are the top team names and their respective players:

Winning Team: Your Excuses




a small weeb

2nd Place Team: Balance Gaming


Colonel Mustage


Rangin Z3tro

3rd Place Team: Franco and Friends





4th Place Team: Super Kawaii Boys





Once the dust had cleared and “Your Excuses” had been crowned the victorious team, it was now time for those team members to battle it out for the ultimate top spot. The three champions played a round-robin style game of Howling Abyss 1v1 and in the end z1costyle was the victor, claiming the PlayStation 4 as top prize!

We had 11 teams of 3 register to participate in the two nights of serious gaming! All players involved brought their A game and created the environment of a top-tier gaming tournament that we are proud of, and judging from the initial feedback from the players, so are they.  Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved, and stay tuned for our next LOL Tournament.

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