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Interior Design Field Trips


It’s not ALL noses in books and fingers on keyboards around Centre for Arts and Technology. Our students often get to go on enriching and fun fieldtrips to points in theVHA Students with Brad Pattison Okanagan and BC proper. The Veterinary Hospital Assistant students spent several days wrangling their four legged friends in Knox Mountain Park with animal guru Brad Pattison. The Digital Filmmaking students took a field trip to Vancouver to see some big productions underway, and you simply can’t keep the Photography students in doors; you will find them on location all over town working with models, designers, families, unique products etc.

Centre students are unique. From the clothes they wear, to their career choices, these young creative individuals are leading the way, forging new paths to innovative and exciting careers. Our students are passionate and are emerging as the authorities in their respective fields. Unique students deserve unique education and so instructors and department heads are encouraged to think outside the boundaries of our campus and  allow the world to become their classroom.  Sure, you will always find students on campus, in our digital photography studio, or in the animation labs using the 3D scanners or mixing tracks in the recording studio. The real value in learning comes from actually mixing with the outside world and gaining exposure and experience within the industries they aspire to join.

Our Interior Design students are definitely a prime example of this. Interior Design department head Jennifer Yeo takes her students on many field trips and plans countless awesome events for them to be a part of. What better way to get an understanding of space and design than to actually be in it; hearing the sounds, feeling the textures and understanding how people move through spaces.  

To celebrate some of the amazing trips our Interior Design students have gone on, please take in the small selection of photos below and visit our Facebook page to see more.

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