Sydni Wiley

Nerd Alert!

Originally hailing from the Foothills of Alberta, I am a self taught artist turned Harmony Animator and Rigger. I am a lover of Video games and Animated shows, a firm believer in the Grind, and a MASSIVE enthusiast of learning new things.
My passion for animation originally came from a place of staring in awe at animated wonders like Kipo: Age of Wonderbeasts and Castlevania and thinking to myself “I wanna do that” before then morphing into something akin to an obsession for being able to summon up moving creations full of life and fun from almost nothing!
As for Rigging? Well, THAT was love at first creation- Throwing myself into the artistic deep end is something I do best when it comes to character builds, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. From the creativity needed to get things to work just right to the problem solving and the puzzling when something eventually doesn’t- I love it all!

As for future plans? To get into either the Toonboom Harmony Animation or Rigging industry of course

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